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Student Life

Counseling Services

ComPsych® GuidanceResources® Worldwide is your Student Assistance Program (SAP) provider. We provide a full-service benefit that you and your family can easily access whenever you need it.

Call anytime for confidential help with all of life’s issues! 866.645.1761

Most of us have to face change, stress, or a life-altering problem now and then. Your SAP is designed to provide short-term counseling services for you and your family that can help you handle concerns constructively, before they become major issues.

You may call the Student Assistance Program for any number of reasons:

  • You’ve been feeling blue lately, and you can’t seem to shake it.
  • You are constantly having fights with your significant other.
  • School stress is becoming so distracting that you are not productive.
  • You are dealing with a personal loss and are having problems coming to terms with it.

Included in your services is membership into GuidanceResources® Online, the Internet product that complements the program by making information and guidance conveniently accessible. Just go to and enter your Organization Web ID, “KENDALL”, also found on your wallet card, to access the site.

Your SAP program is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, just by calling 866.645.1761.  The SAP toll-free line is answered by counseling professionals who can assist you with a personal dilemma and can guide you to in-person care with an expert in your area. The SAP is strictly confidential, as mandated by law. To view the ComPsych HIPAA privacy notice, please go to

Kendall College supports the use of, and funds, this special benefit because we care about our Students. We recognize that personal concerns can have a significant effect on academic performance causing stress and absenteeism, among other problems.

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