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Future Students

Experience the Kendall Community

Kendall College fosters an invigorating college community that encourages everyone to explore their talents, passions and potential. Our beautifully renovated landmark campus is an exceptional, integrated learning environment that is wireless and equipped with advanced technology. We also have an extensive library collection and Academic Success Center to help you achieve your education goals.

Social events are often planned at Kendall by students — including outdoor barbecues, carnivals, ice cream socials, monthly birthday parties, fashion shows, karaoke nights, a chili cook-off and much more.

Students organize outings to amusement parks, museums and award-winning shows, as well as professional sporting events. Students and faculty also have many opportunities to volunteer their time. These events provide you opportunities to create new friendships, expand your horizons, strengthen ties to the community and enhance your college experience.

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Kendall College
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