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Approach to Assessment at Kendall College

Assessment is how Kendall College measures student learning. The resulting data is used to demonstrate that students are achieving defined learning outcomes.

Assessment is driven by the college mission:

Kendall College cultivates students’ passions into rewarding professions through rigorous learning experiences in the classroom, local communities, and the world. To begin the assessment process, Kendall College faculty first identified traits that are demonstrated by industry professionals. These traits are called core competencies, that all students graduating from the College should possess for success in today’s workplace. Employers and Advisory Boards were involved in the identification of these traits. The core competencies are:

  • Communication: Present concepts in oral and written form using Standard English appropriate to the subject, audience, and purpose.
  • Technological Literacy: Employ technologies appropriate to specific situations.
  • Quantitative Literacy: Apply basic mathematical computations to real-world problem solving.
  • Research & Synthesis of Information: Identify credible source material to draw reasoned conclusions.
  • Critical Reading and Thinking: Solve problems through analysis of data and consideration of different points of view.

The College measures learning in the core competencies, as well as in areas of disciplinary expertise, through:

  • Tests
  • Papers
  • Skill Demonstrations
  • Projects
  • Case studies
  • Presentations

Read what we studied and what we did after data collection for each of the following:

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