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Culinary Arts Assessment

What Did We Study? What Did We Do After Data Collection?
Disciplinary Expertise – Culinary Technique Skills
Courses: Intro to Garde Manger, Advanced Skills and Fine Dining
  • Exams questions mapped to individual courses to ensure appropriate content coverage
  • Winter 2012 exam questions revised for comprehensive coverage of skills and inserted into exams
  • Analysis continues of overall pass rates
  • Student tutoring opportunities expanded
Program Outcome: Demonstrate proficiency of culinary techniques and cooking methods
Assessment Activity: Written & Practical comprehensive exam
Courses: Intro to CA, Advanced Skills, Fine Dining
  • Instituted knife cut drills occurring in all block classes to increase proficiency
Program Outcome: Demonstrate proficiency knife skills across curriculum
Assessment Activity: Knife Cut drills in first, fourth and seventh block
Quantitative Literacy
Course: Cost Control
  • Review of earlier computer applications course in process to ensure students entering course with appropriate skills
  • Additional analysis exercises added for a stronger analytical base
Program Outcome: Apply culinary math principles for a variety of applications
Assessment Activity: Mathematical problem based on data provided to analyze decision to purchase of a company
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