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School of Education Assessment

What Did We Study? What Did We Do After Data Collection?
Instructional Planning
Courses: Across the Curriculum
  • Lesson planning introduced in the 100-and 200-level courses
  • Lesson planning reinforced in all the methods courses
  • Rubric specific to lesson planning developed
Program Outcome: Meet the needs of diverse learners in a responsive environment by integrating content knowledge and best practices in lesson planning
Assessment Activity: Students design lesson plans for particular content areas
Collaboration, Leadership, and Advocacy
Course: Internship II
  • Advocacy Plan rubric developed to capture and measure student growth and learning in collaboration, leadership, and advocacy.
  • Incorporated skill into the evaluation tool for Clinical Practice
Program Outcome: Utilize community resources to provide opportunities for student growth and development
Assessment Activity: Students create an advocacy plan
Written Communication
Course: Childhood Education, Classroom Management
  • New writing rubric developed
Program Outcome: Present concepts in written form using standard English appropriate to the subject, audience, and purpose
Technological Literacy
Course: Technology in Education
  • Launched Technological Literacy rubric.
  • Course repurposed to better align with professional teaching standards and expectations.
  • Incorporated blogging, website development, and discernment of quality web resources
Program Outcome: Employ technologies to enhance teaching and learning, teaming and collaborating
Assessment Activity: Students design website incorporating 5 of the key elements for website design.
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