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Baking and Pastry Program

Pastry and Baker Careers

The Baking and Pastry program at Kendall College immerses its students in the demanding realities of pursuing one of many careers in the baking industry. The delicate balance of craft and business necessary for success in your baking career is developed through rigorous coursework and hands-on practice in our topnotch baking facilities.

Not only will you be prepared to bake – we also can prepare you for employment and entrepreneurship through honing your skill through the lens of several pastry chef careers. An education from Kendall means a complex understanding of the industry you’re entering. Students in our Baking and Pastry program have landed dream jobs in multiple career paths, such as:

  • Artisan Bread Baker – When you choose a baker career in artisan breads you will routinely bake high quality breads, pastries and bread products from scratch in a high-pressure kitchen. Artisan bread bakers require strong communication and leadership skills, as they plan and execute operations through the entire bakery and must adequately train staff.
  • Bakery Owner – If you have a flair for design and personalization in addition to your prowess in baking, a career as a bakery owner may be the perfect fit. On top of baking signature creations, you’ll manage the logistical aspects of your business and cultivate a brand that customers appreciate. Our professors train students in the business aspects of careers in the baking industry to help prepare graduates to run their own business.
  • Cake Designer – Graduates with an artistic talent and passion for baking often excel as cake designers. Cake designers or decorators must have a strong attention to detail to keep cakes as professional and pristine as possible. Simultaneously, as a cake designer, you must produce cakes that deliver an iconic emotion and taste.
  • Chocolatier – As a chocolatier you’ll melt chocolate, mix it, then combine it with other ingredients to make scrumptious bars, truffles and other confectionary. This career also necessitates research so you can choose reliable suppliers and high-grade chocolate. Our chocolate and sugar kitchens set the stage for students to hone the art of making gourmet desserts.
  • Pastry Chef – As a pastry chef you’ll refine your mastery of dough and confections as you bake for esteemed restaurants and businesses. Constantly churning out original and delicious baked goods, pastries and breads requires a razor-sharp focus and a drive to constantly reinvent yourself. As an alumnus of the top-ranked* you’ll have the skills needed to effortlessly transition into the fast-paced environment of professional kitchens.
  • Research and Development Pastry Chef – Graduates with a strong inclination for creativity may seek a career as a research and development pastry chef for corporations. As a professional ideation chef you’ll develop brand new food items and recipes for restaurants, suppliers and retailers. A multi-disciplinary job like this requires a degree that adequately prepares alumni with a wide knowledge base and skill set.

Alumni of the Baking and Pastry program have secured employment at some of the finest bakeries, restaurants and institutions in the business, including Alaskan Princess Cruises, Floriole Café & Bakery, Mariano’s, Charlie Baggs, Anzucar Bakery, Gerhard’s Elegant European Desserts, Bennison’s Bakery and The Hotel Hershey. For a wide scope of careers in the baking industry read our culinary career infographic.

*KTNS – 2017 Survey

Degrees Degrees

Our accredited Baking and Pastry associate degree program is designed to deliver superior pastry training and applicable business skills.

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Baking Faculty Baking Faculty

Our outstanding faculty come to us with backgrounds at restaurants, foodservice corporations, hotels and other educational institutions.

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Baking Facilities Baking Facilities

Kendall's Chicago Campus features 12 professional grade commercial kitchens, specialized chocolate/sugar and garde manger kitchens and an outdoor bread oven.

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