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Baking and Pastry Program

Course Sequence – Associate of Applied Science in Baking & Pastry

You will benefit from a comprehensive curriculum that combines career-specific courses with a strong academic framework. You can review course descriptions and the full academic catalog here. General Questions? Call us toll-free at +1.888.90.KENDALL or email

Typical Course Sequence


Year One
Quarter 1
BPA 100 - Intro to Baking4 Credits
BPA 103 - Pastry Theory2 Credits
BPA 111 - Culinary Basics4 Credits
CUL 110 - Sanitation1 Credit
General Education 14 Credits
Quarter 2
BPA 131 - Basic Cake Decorating2 Credits
BPA 144 - Introduction to Pastry4 Credits
CUL126 - Professional Development1 Credits
SCI 123 - Human Nutrition 4 Credits
General Education 24 Credits
General Education 34 Credits
Quarter 3
BPA 266 - Special Needs Baking2 Credits
BPA 130 - Introduction to Plated Desserts and Production Techniques2 Credits
BPA 170 - Advanced Baking & Pastry4 Credits
BPA 180 - Breakfast Pastry2 Credits
CUL 122 - Cost Control4 Credits
General Education 44 Credits
Quarter 4
BPA 203 - Sugar Showpieces2 Credits
BPA 215 - Chocolates and Confections2 Credits
BPA 216 - Wedding Cakes & Gum Paste2 Credits
BPA 241 - Artisan Breads2 Credits
General Education 54 Credits
CUL 232 - Food Service Management2 Credits
Year Two
Quarter 5
BPA 210 - Hotel/Restaurant Dessert Production4 Credits
BPA 262 - Baking and Pastry Production4 Credits
BPA 281 - Banquet Service2 Credits
General Education 64 Credits
Elective4 credits
Quarter 6
BPA 211 - Internship Practicum 6 Credits
BPA 212 - Internship Theory2 Credits
Total Credits: 92 Credits
Courses and sequences are subject to change.
Degrees Degrees

Our accredited Baking and Pastry associate degree program is designed to deliver superior pastry training and applicable business skills.

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Baking Faculty Baking Faculty

Our outstanding faculty come to us with backgrounds at restaurants, foodservice corporations, hotels and other educational institutions.

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Baking Facilities Baking Facilities

Kendall's Chicago Campus features 12 professional grade commercial kitchens, specialized chocolate/sugar and garde manger kitchens and an outdoor bread oven.

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