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Business Program

Business Classes

The business classes at Kendall College teach you more than theory – they prepare you with the skillset and critical thinking skills necessary for a flourishing career in a competitive field. Students can earn their entire degree online or on campus.

No matter which concentration you choose and which business classes you take while pursuing your degree, the technical information and financial systems you learn will go hand-in-hand with the strong academic foundation of our B.A. in Business. Though many students choose differing concentrations, there are many fundamental classes that most students take.

  • BUS101: Business Fundamentals – All aspiring entrepreneurs are equipped with the basic principles of business in this introductory course. Our accomplished faculty contextualizes the fundamentals of economics, management, finance, ethics and communications to streamline information for the modern workplace.
  • CIS290: Information Technology – Business courses at Kendall College actively prepare students for the functional realities of technology in the work environment. By studying computing and learning how to design and implement solutions in a computer-based system, you’ll acquire invaluable problem-solving skills applicable beyond information technology.
  • ECO310: The Global Economy – We teach business students how to seize the opportunity to build a business globally in our international business courses. You’ll delve into the various affects that geography and culture have on international business, trade, resources and development.
  • BUS330: Strategic Alliances – Cooperative relationships with other firms and companies are crucial for success as an entrepreneur. Domestic and international alliances will require a high level of communication and camaraderie, which you’ll develop in business classes like this at Kendall College. In this course you’ll learn how to create and navigate licensing agreements, joint ventures and buyer-supplier partnerships.
  • CAP495/496: Capstone – As a business student one of the most integral skills you’ll learn is collaboration. In this senior year project, you’ll work alongside students in the Culinary Arts, Baking and Pastry and Hospitality programs to create a concept and business plan for a mixed-use development that you’ll pitch to a panel of industry leaders.

To view the current academic catalog for the upcoming semester, click here. If you have any questions regarding our business courses simply email

On January 16, 2018, we announced the pending transition of degree programs from Kendall to National Louis University (NLU), therefore, Kendall College will no longer be enrolling in our Business program. The great news is that NLU has similar programs and you can learn more about their bachelor’s degree options on their website.

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The Kendall College School of Business teaches practical skills that define successful careers.

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