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Business Program

Course Sequence – Bachelor of the Arts in Business

Whichever concentration you choose, you will benefit from a comprehensive business curriculum that combines career-specific courses with a strong general academic framework. The below sequence is for a first time freshman beginning classes in the fall or spring quarters. Upon admission to Kendall College, you will work with your academic advisor to review transfer credit and finalize your schedule to meet your goals. Please review the full academic catalog for more information on courses, credits and prerequisites.

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Typical Course Sequence

Year One
Quarter 1
BUS 101 - Business Fundamentals4 Credits
BUS 270 - Decision Making4 Credits
General Education 14 Credits
General Education 24 Credits
Quarter 2
BUS 170 - Practical Negotiation & Conflict Management4 Credits
BUS 330 - Strategic Alliances4 Credits
General Education 34 Credits
General Education 44 Credits
Quarter 3
MKG 235 - Marketing Principles4 Credits
BUS 210 - Business Contracts & Law4 Credits
General Education 54 Credits
General Education 64 Credits
Quarter 4
BUS 127 - Professional Development2 Credits
CIS 290 - Information Technology4 Credits
MKG 265 - Design & Innovation 4 Credits
General Education 74 Credits
General Education 84 Credits
Year Two
Quarter 5
BUS 280 - Business Case Development4 Credits
BUS 324 - Human Resources Management4 Credits
General Education 94 Credits
General Education 104 Credits
Quarter 6
BUS 303 - Internship Practicum* 4 Credits
BUS 304 - Applied Professional Development*4 Credits
Quarter 7
ACC 272 - Financial Accounting 4 Credits
ECO 310 - The Global Economy4 Credits
Concentration 14 Credits
General Education 114 Credits
Quarter 8
ACC 372 - Managerial Accounting 4 Credits
BUS 250 - Project Management 4 Credits
Concentration 24 Credits
General Education 124 Credits
Year Three
Quarter 9
BUS 340 - Leadership4 Credits
BUS 470 - Finance4 Credits
Concentration 3 4 Credits
Quarter 10
BUS 380 - Operations Management4 Credits
MKG 341 - Marketing Management4 Credits
Concentration 44 Credits
Concentration 54 Credits
Quarter 11
CAP 497 - Senior Capstone Project I**4 Credits
BUS 395 - Supply Chain Management 4 Credits
BUS 411 - Strategic Planning4 Credits
Free Elective4 Credits
Quarter 12
CAP 497 - Senior Capstone Project II**4 Credits
ECO 331 - Microeconomics4 Credits
Concentration 64 Credits
Free Elective4 Credits
Total Credits: 182 Credits
Prerequisite will depend on result of Pearson placement exam *Corequisite classes must be taken together. **Business elective is any Business course that is not part of the student's required program (i.e. a course from another concentration). ***Please note that this is an UNOFFICIAL plan of study - You should verifiy any classes that you have taken or have transferred in with your degree evaluation, official plan of study, and your Academic Advisor. ****Electives can be taken at any time in the program if they fit in your schedule and the pre-req's are met. *****If you ever have questions regarding your degree requirements or have registration questions, please see the Kendall Course Catalog or your academic advisor. ******You MUST petition to Graduate TWO quarters before your graduation date - Do this by going to My Kendall and clicking "Apply for Graduation" under the Student Services page.
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