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Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts Careers & Steps to Becoming a Chef

An education at Kendall College helps prepare students for culinary careers that are fast-paced and relentless. Armed with the real-world training and experience you’ll cultivate at Kendall, you will be equipped to rise to the occasion and make a mark for yourself in whatever path your cooking career takes you. Our esteemed culinary faculty knows firsthand how much pressure exists when you forge a career in the culinary arts, so our curriculum is shaped around delivering hands-on, innovative instruction that will help you launch your respective culinary arts careers.

When you choose Kendall you choose to become a more competitive candidate for a culinary job in the real world. Our alumni have gone on to succeed in a variety of fields armed with a unique combination of business training and specialized advanced classwork. The following are some notable career paths you can pursue with a culinary arts degree from Kendall:

  • Caterer – As a caterer you will translate your knowledge of working in a kitchen environment to preparing high volumes of food for events. Caterers specialize in cooking techniques that allow creations to hold up during lengthy serving periods. Caterers handle event-planning logistics and create their own menus.
  • Executive Chef – When you’re in charge of the kitchen at a prestigious restaurant you will be responsible for the overall food quality and the entire operations within the kitchen itself. Duties can include menu planning, production scheduling, overseeing food preparation and training the staff.
  • Pastry Chef – As a pastry chef you’ll bake and concoct delectable baked goods and confections. Graduates with a Culinary Arts degree can go on to specialize in baked goods; students in our Baking and Pastry program cultivate a particular craft in this career path from day one.
  • Personal Chef – When you serve as a family or client’s personal chef you benefit from the extreme attention to detail you develop throughout your training at Kendall. Personal chefs are responsible for nearly every meal their clients eat, and must balance meals with appropriate nutrition while adhering to a strict schedule with reliable punctuality.
  • Restaurant Owner/Manager – When you choose the path of a restaurant manager you oversee every aspect of your establishment’s day-to-day operations. Restaurant managers are excellent coordinators and inspire confidence with an active, sound business plan. The focus on real-world culinary experience and a rounded, business-minded education at Kendall will help prepare you for the demanding career of a restaurant owner.
  • Sous Chef – As second-in-command in the kitchen you get hands-on experience cooking signature meals and ensuring a smooth workflow by mentoring the kitchen staff. Successful sous chefs are passionate, creative and natural leaders. Graduates from Kendall gain an overall preparedness for basic meal preparation, specialty food preparation and logistical operations to serve as excellent sous chefs.
  • Wine Sommelier – If you enjoy cultivating an expert knowledge of wine and fine dining, you’ll make a first-rate wine sommelier upon graduation from Kendall. When you forge a career as a wine sommelier you create wine lists for restaurants, train employees and maintain a wine inventory. Sommeliers are experts on vintages, regions for best grapes, and what wines complement particular dishes.

When you earn a degree from Kendall the possibilities are endless. Other culinary arts careers Kendall alumni pursue include:

  • Chocolatier
  • Cheese Maker
  • Chef de Cuisine
  • Chef Instructor
  • Cook
  • Food Wholesaler
  • Food Writer
  • Healthcare Chef
  • Product Developer
  • Research Chef
  • Senior Culinary Producer
  • Wedding Cake Consultant

Kendall graduates have worked at a variety of acclaimed restaurants and businesses after graduation. Some of these notable institutions include Aramark, Disney, Frontera Grill, Hyatt McCormick Place, L2O, Francesca’s Restaurants, Naha, The Phoenician, Ritz Carlton, Spiaggia and Viand Bar & Kitchen. To learn more about cooking careers read our helpful infographic.

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