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Culinary Arts

Kendall College International Affiliates Culinary Certificate Program

Certificate programs consist of approximately five Kendall College courses that are embedded into the affiliate institution’s curriculum. Kendall assumes that the curriculum is defined by rigor, high expectations, intensity in the kitchen and reflects industry standards. There is an emphasis on sustainability and business skills.

Coursework is divided into the following areas:

  • Practical courses
  • Business courses
  • Nutrition
  • Sustainability
  • General education
  • International cuisines and standards
  • Local cuisines

These courses are delivered by affiliate faculty that are trained by Kendall and use Kendall materials. Credit is officially awarded by the affiliate institution and all courses must be completed successfully. In addition, you must pass both final written and practical comprehensive exams.

Practical coursework is essential to the success of any culinary program. International students spend the maximum amount of time possible in kitchens and that time is marked by a high level of intensity to maximize learning.

Students will work in real life foodservice operations so they become comfortable with the pace and pressures of a real kitchen, helping to prepare them for a successful career. Internships are required.

There are currently 19 campuses in six countries enrolling 1,400 students*.

* As of fall 2013 

Degrees Degrees

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Culinary Faculty Culinary Faculty

Our outstanding faculty come to us with backgrounds at restaurants, foodservice corporations, hotels and other educational institutions.

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Culinary Facilities Culinary Facilities

Kendall's campus features 12 professional grade commercial kitchens, specialized chocolate/sugar and garde manger kitchens and an outdoor bread oven.

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