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Early Childhood Education Program

Early Childhood Administration Program

Prepare for director or management roles within the field of Early Childhood Education with these six courses related to administration and leadership. This concentration is only available for students seeking  Licensure. Students on the non-licensure degree track cannot select this concentration as they will take these courses as part of the core degree requirements.

Required Coursework for Concentration
Course Title
ADM 300 – Survey of Early Childhood Administration
ADM 311 – Leadership and Advocacy for the Early Childhood Education Program Director
ADM 313 – Legal Aspects of Early Childhood Administration
ADM 315 – Fiscal Management in Early Childhood Administration
ADM 317 – Staff Management and Human Relations in Early Childhood Programs
ADM 319 – Marketing and Public Relations for the Early Childhood Program Director
Faculty Faculty

Our instructors are current and former practitioners who are passionate about Early Childhood Education.

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Tuition Assistance Tuition Assistance

There are numerous scholarships and awards available based on academic achievement, financial need, interests and other criteria.

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Concentrations Concentrations

Customize your education degree by specializing in one of seven industry-relevant concentrations.

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