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Early Childhood Education Program

Grant Management Concentration

Our Grant Management concentration will help the teacher candidate explore varied mechanisms at the local, state and federal level for funding educational initiatives.

Six courses in this concentration will prepare you by teaching the intricacies of proposal writing, grant development and grant management. Depending on the level, you will develop practical skills such as research, data presentation and the mechanics of proposal writing in a collaborative setting of class activities. Some will assess the strengths and weaknesses of their current organizations; develop a program design, problem statement, timeline, budget, flow chart of proposed program and an executive summary. The more advanced courses will focus on finalizing an application in response to a request for proposal (RFP), while learning to build systematic organizational processes to manage the implementation and assessment of the grants in general.

Required Coursework for Concentration
Course Title 24 Credits
SOE 112 Teaching and Learning in a Diverse Society4 Credits
GRA 201 Fundamentals of Grant Development4 Credits
ACC 255 Fundamentals of Accounting4 Credits
GRA 302 Research for Grant Development4 Credits
GRA 305 Grant Writing4 Credits
GRA 307 Principles of Grant Management4 Credits
Faculty Faculty

Our instructors are current and former practitioners who are passionate about Early Childhood Education.

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There are numerous scholarships and awards available based on academic achievement, financial need, interests and other criteria.

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Customize your education degree by specializing in one of seven industry-relevant concentrations.

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