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Early Childhood Education Program

Special Education Programs and Classes

Our Special Education concentration is designed for teacher candidates interested in focusing on special-needs children. This concentration offers you the opportunity to directly impact the lives of some truly exceptional children. Students who take these courses and earn their Illinois Teacher Licensure may apply for the Early Childhood Special Education Approval on their license.

This concentration will provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Strengthen your teaching pedagogy with differentiated instructional practices
  • Be better prepared to assess and teach in an inclusive ECE classroom environment
  • Know how to facilitate the needs of students with special needs through advocacy and collaboration with other Special Education professionals and parents
  • Obtain additional credentials in a competitive teaching market, such as the Early Childhood Special Education Approval.

Note: The Special Education Concentration coursework does not lead to the Illinois LBSI Special Education endorsement. Contact the Illinois State Board of Education for LBSI Program Requirements.

Required Coursework for Concentration
Course Title 20 Credits
ECE 322 Methods of Teaching Young Children with Special Needs 4 Credits
ECE 320 Screening & Assessment of Young Children with Special Needs4 Credits
ECE 323 Teaming, Collaborating, Communicating: Resources for Families4 Credits
ECE 325 Autism-Spectrum Disorders and Development Delays in Young Children4 Credits
ECE 327 Strategies for Challenging Behavior in Young Children4 Credits
Faculty Faculty

Our instructors are current and former practitioners who are passionate about Early Childhood Education.

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Tuition Assistance Tuition Assistance

There are numerous scholarships and awards available based on academic achievement, financial need, interests and other criteria.

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Customize your education degree by specializing in one of seven industry-relevant concentrations.

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