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Early Childhood Education Program

B.A. in Early Childhood Education with Illinois Licensure Degree Requirements

Program Component Credits
Early Childhood Education Major Requirements 94
Concentration Requirements 20-24
Electives 4
Clinical Practice 14
Bachelor of Arts General Studies Core 48
Total Credits 180–184
Optional Special Education Approval +20
Optional ESL/Bilingual Endorsement +27

Key Assessments:

Lesson Plan Portfolio
Early Childhood Education Major Course-based Assessments
Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA)
Clinical Practice Evaluations
Disposition Assessments
Major Coursework GPA

Illinois Teacher Licensure Testing Requirements:

Illinois Basic Skills Test (096 or 300) or  Test of Academic Proficiency (Field 400)
Illinois Content Area Test, Early Childhood Education (Field 107)


Per the Illinois State board of Education – Effective July 22, 2015 all tests of “basic skills”, including the Illinois Basic Skills Tests (096 and 300), Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP) 400, as well as qualifying ACT plus Writing and SAT tests are valid indefinitely. Additionally, effective January 6, 2017, all other Illinois licensure tests, including content area tests, the edTPA, and the APT, will be valid indefinitely. Further clarifications can be directed to an Enrollment Advisor or the Licensure Officer.

As of July 1, 2014, the Illinois State Board of Education requires that preschool teachers who provide native language/ English as a Second Language instruction to English Language Learner students must hold the ESL or bilingual endorsement or approval that corresponds with the teaching assignment. For more information call the Illinois State Board of Education, Division of Educator Licensure, at 217.557.6763.

Effective July 24, 2012 ACT plus Writing/SAT scores can be used in lieu of a passing score on the Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP) for admission to an Illinois Educator Preparation Program. Further clarifications can be found in the Kendall College Student Handbook & Academic Catalog.

Candidates in the Illinois Teacher Licensure Preparation (post-baccalaureate) track can choose to add a concentration. Completing all applicable Special Education coursework will allow you to apply for an Early Childhood Special Education Approval on your license. Completing all applicable ESL coursework will allow you to apply for the ESL endorsement and/or Bilingual endorsement. More information can be found on the Continuing Education page.

Kendall’s School of Education is approved by the Illinois State Board of Education for its licensure preparation program that leads to the Illinois Teacher License.

Additional Licensure Information and topics can be found in the Kendall College Student Handbook & Academic Catalog. Topics include: Illinois test options, test validity, testing requirements for post-baccalaureate applicants, foreign applicants and Illinois licensure, test vouchers, out-of-state licensure, and clinical practice.

SOE 110 Survey of American Education4 Credits
SOE 112 Teaching and Learning in a Diverse Society4 Credits
SOE 115 The Psychology of Teaching and Learning4 Credits
SOE 201 Knowledge and Skills Building for Teachers 4 Credits
ECE 215 Child Health, Safety, and Nutrition4 Credits
SOE 222 Child Development4 Credits
ECE 230 Child, Family, & Community Relationships4 Credits
ECE 240 Observation and Assessment of the Young Child4 Credits
ECE 252 Developmentally Appropriate Practices for Infants and Toddlers4 Credits
SOE 260 Language Acquisition and Development4 Credits
ECE 275 Children’s Literature4 Credits
SOE 290 Children With Exceptionalities4 Credits
SOE 302 Found of Curr, Instruction and Assessment4 Credits
ECE 317 Classroom Management4 Credits
SOE 327 Response to Intervention (RTI)4 Credits
SOE 380 Technology Integration in the Classroom4 Credits
ECE 401 Pre-Primary Teaching and Learning4 Credits
ECE 403 Emergent Literacy4 Credits
ECE 405 Literacy Development4 Credits
ECE 407 Methods of Teaching Mathematics4 Credits
ECE 409 Methods of Teaching Science4 Credits
ECE 411 Methods of Teaching SS and the Arts4 Credits
SOE 420 Methods of Teaching Children with Exceptionalities in the General Education Classroom4 Credits
ECE 460 Clinical Practice and Seminar: Pre-Primary**6 Credits
ECE 465 Clinical Practice and Seminar: Primary 6 Credits
Total Credits: 180-184 Credits
*These courses require fieldwork. A grade of “C” or higher must be earned in any School of Education course for teacher candidates (Illinois Administrative Code 25.100). Any School of Education course resulting in a grade less than "C" will need to be repeated prior to Clinical Practice experiences. ** If unable to complete licensure requirements to move forward with clinical practice, then the following courses can be taken to earn the B.A. in Childhood Education, Non-Licensure: ECE 440 Final Project (4) Two Education electives (8 credits), select from the following: ECE 250 (4) - ECE 320 (4) -GRA 201 (4) -SBM 312 (4) - SOE 327 (4)
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Our instructors are current and former practitioners who are passionate about Early Childhood Education.

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