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General Education

A.A.S. General Education Core

Students enrolling in an A.A.S degree will take Tier 1 of the college’s general education core. The Tier 1 courses are 100-level courses that develop the student’s academic skill competencies: Oral and Written Communication, Critical Reading and Thinking, Quantitative Literacy, Technological Literacy, and Research and Synthesis of Information.

Students also take one foreign language course.

To receive an A.A.S degree, students need to complete 28 credit hours (7 courses).

Typical Course Sequence  

Academic Success Center Academic Success Center

The John A. Miller Academic Success Center offers free tutoring on a variety of subjects to ensure students’ academic success.

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Faculty Faculty

From language arts, to technology and social science, our classes are taught by a talented, diverse team of educators.

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Courses Courses

Our curriculum emphasized critical academic competencies that are important for success in any career field.

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