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General Education

The Citizen

Students will evaluate their citizenship in the various communities in which they belong. You will take the following courses:

KCC 101: Seeking Selfie: Exploring Identity in the 21st Century (4)
Who are you and what made you the person you are today? In this course, the first course of The Citizen cluster, you will explore who you are and how you came to be that person. We will also seek to name the communities, from local to global, which comprise us. We will examine culture and communities as components of personal identity, such as age, race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation, and how these components of identity evolve over time. How changeable are your identities, and to what extent are identities constructed by parental and peer influences and nature?

KCC 102: Mindset Matters: Your Brain and You (4)
This course, the second course in The Citizen cluster, uses unique problem-solving scenarios to launch a scientific analysis of your individual thought processes. From there, we will introduce the psychology and physiology of growth and fixed mindsets. Across several case studies, we will practice identifying and analyzing approaches to problem solving that other accomplished individuals have employed throughout their careers. Students will then turn inward to study and reflect upon instances from their own lives when they landed upon different spots on the mindset spectrum. Finally, we will create a personal plan to apply growth mindset as a citizen. Prerequisite: KCC 101 or concurrent enrollment with KCC 101

KCC 103: Making a Difference in a Difficult World (4)
What is important to you and how does it motivate you? During this course, the third and final course of The Citizen cluster, you will articulate what is important to you and why, as a way to better understand what motivates your behaviors and actions. We will
examine contemporary social issues, how they evolve, and their
impact on you and the world. Lastly, you will take the first steps towards influencing and promoting change within various communities. Prerequisites: KCC 101 and KCC 102, or concurrent enrollment with KCC 102

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