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General Education

The Globalist

Students will determine the impact of the global interconnectedness of economic, political, and cultural institutions on the individual and the communities of which the individual is a part. You will take the following courses:

How do you navigate your identity in an interconnected world? In an increasingly borderless world the decisions and actions made by countries, corporations, and cultures have an impact on you. In this class, the first class in The Globalist cluster, we’ll examine your role in a global society and the ways you balance your individual, national, and global identities. We will also identify various institutions (political, economic, and cultural), and you’ll explain their impact on you and your life. Prerequisites: KCC 105 and KCC 206, or concurrent enrollment with KCC 206

It has been said that a butterfly flapping its wings in Chicago can cause a typhoon in Southeast Asia. In this course, the second course in The Globalist cluster, we will explore this phenomenon as it applies to a variety of notable scientific topics. We will analyze the
impact human action has on the environment and ecosystems and how the effects of these actions have crossed political, cultural, and geographic borders. Prerequisites: KCC 206 and KCC 207, or concurrent enrollment with KCC 207

In this course, the third and final course in The Globalist cluster, we will get up close and personal with the ripple-effects of globalism across various communities within the societal hierarchy. In an increasingly globalized world, cultures are colliding and combining in new ways. This offers us the opportunity to reflect on assumptions about borders—how they’re made, are they real or imagined, who decides where they’re located, and in what ways they are defended. Prerequisites: KCC 207 and KCC 208, or concurrent enrollment with KCC 208

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