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General Education

The Leader

Students will judge various leaders’ traits and styles and recommend the most effective traits and styles for having a positive and productive impact on local, global, and professional communities. You will take the following courses:

What makes a leader? In this course, the first course in The Lea4der cluster, we will investigate the role of the leader—what it means to lead during specific periods of time and at specific places on the globe. We will examine those traits and attributes that make a good leader, but also trace how those have changed over time and due to historical circumstance. We will look at models for leadership, measuring successes and failures, and then anticipate leadership values in the 21st century. By the end of the course, you will better understand that there is not just one kind of leader and that there is a place in the world for a leader like you. Prerequisites: KCC 208 and KCC 209, or concurrent enrollment with KCC 209

Is the decision you make in your work today the correct decision to make in 5 years? Your day-to-day experiences are valuable data for you as an individual; but for a competitive business, or an efficient organization, the truly valuable data is scaled up to the thousands (and beyond!). Thousands of customers. Thousands of products. Thousands of times, measurements, dates, and descriptions. Within this flood of big data, patterns and trends can emerge. In this course, the second course of The Leader cluster, we aim to train the careful eye of a leader, one that is capable of seeing and describing these trends from among the data. We work through ways in which this ability to observe, understand, and communicate trends in big data can be a positive asset for a leader who is focused on making the decisions that can pay off not just today but five years down the road as well. Prerequisites: KCC 209 and KCC 310, or concurrent enrollment with KCC 310

Why are some leaders respected and admired, able to leave behind many accomplishments, while others are not? This third and final course of The Leader cluster focuses on leaders in their professions—leaders in the worlds of culinary, hospitality, business, and education, leaders you will look up to as you make your way in your careers. We will inquire as to the particular styles of these leaders and how these styles have reflected the values of a society. Great leaders affect not only their professions but also their societies. We will examine how a leader does this, what style of leadership this requires. We will also investigate the other side of leadership: the mistakes and missteps made and the impact those have had on the leaders themselves, the people who work for them, and various other communities. Finally, this course will prompt reflection upon your own leadership style as you take the first steps into your chosen profession. KCC 310 and KCC 311, or concurrent enrollment with KCC 311

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