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Beverage Management

Beverage & Bar Management Certificates at Kendall College

Kendall College offers students the opportunity to go in-depth on a particular topic or field. Advanced learning may lead to certifications like Le Vin Gourmand or Kendall Spirits Professional.*

Le Vin Gourmand

Kendall offers different levels of sommelier certification for students and alumni; from a focus on wine with a smaller emphasis on beer, spirits, coffee, tea, sake and cider all the way to in-depth analysis on food and wine pairing. The certification comes after passing a rigorous and comprehensive exam including questions of theory, essays on geography and production, and a blind tasting.

Kendall Spirits Professional

Students can expand their knowledge of cocktails by sitting for the Kendall Spirits Professional certification and passing the exam which includes the creation of a cocktail in a timed setting from a repertoire of 30 possible recipes.

*Prerequisite courses, grades and fees may apply.

Degrees Degrees

Chicago Michelin Guide Restaurants rank Kendall College the No. 1 Chicago program for preparing students for hospitality careers.

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Hospitality Faculty Hospitality Faculty

Our faculty brings deep industry expertise and integrates the latest industry developments into classroom instruction.

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Hospitality Facilities Hospitality Facilities

Our state of the art facilities are “living classrooms”.

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Concentrations Concentrations

Choose an area of focus to help enhance your value to future employers.

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