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Restaurant and Beverage Management Program and Courses

The Restaurant Management concentration coursework centers on the profitability and development of food and beverage operations, with an understanding of food production and awareness of food quality. This concentration will prepare you to run the front of the house (dining room and bar) or the entire operation (kitchen, dining room and bar).

Concentration Courses:


Teaches students how to ensure a healthy and safe foodservice operation, covering topics including: HAACP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), personal hygiene, food purchasing/ receiving/storage, food preparation and serving, food contamination, food-borne illnesses and pest management.  At the end of the course, students take the Chicago and Illinois Sanitation Exam.  If passed, they receive the official certification.


Introduces a wide array of basic products used in food and beverage, providing an understanding of differences in quality and usage.  Reviews the procedures involved in purchasing, receiving, storing, portioning and issuing of food and beverage items.

The Art of Dining

Provides an overview of the many tangible and intangible elements that combine to produce a superb dining experience, including china, glass, silver, linen, uniforms, plant and flower options, lighting and background music.

Introduction to Beers, Wines and Spirits

Teaches an appreciation of the way in which wine, beer and spirits can enhance the dining experience.  Discusses fermentation, distillation and production methods for the different alcoholic beverages.  Explores the many different types of alcoholic beverages served in food and beverage operations with students learning how to differentiate among various wines, spirits and beers by tasting them. Stresses the responsible service of alcoholic beverages.

The Art and Science of Mixology

Provides a history of the modern cocktail and introduces the craft of making cocktails, including molecular mixology and classic cocktail recipes.  BASSET Certification is part of the course as well.

Meetings and Events

Provides a general understanding of meeting management, which is essential for future hospitality managers.

Advance Culinary Art

Offers future front-of-house managers with a detailed insight into contemporary menu options and menu development techniques from an international perspective.

Topics and Trends

Applies strategic management theory to the specificities of the foodservice environment considering how current trends are affecting the competitiveness of foodservice organizations.

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