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Sustainable Management in Hospitality and Tourism: Courses

Sustainability affects multiple areas of hotels, venues, convention centers, conference centers and restaurants including engineering, food and beverage, front of house, housekeeping, operations management and other service areas. In addition, many hospitality and tourism stakeholders, including destination management organizations, restaurants, convention centers and hotels, are diligently working to present a “green” profile to attract transient business, corporate business and meetings and events.

The hospitality industry has embraced sustainability into its management paradigm across all sectors. Sustainability may be a part of a larger area of responsibility or may be a separate full-time position depending on the type or size of organization. The purpose of this concentration is to enhance an applicant’s resume and provide the necessary skill set needed for success in the variety of hospitality jobs that may utilize skills developed through this concentration.

Concentration Courses:

Foundations for Success in Sustainable Hospitality – Explains how to build and communicate a case for sustainability to secure buy-in and support from management, customers, colleagues and vendors through case studies and real-life examples. Focuses on obtaining the necessary resources through internal budgeting, capital investment, government incentives and fundraising.

Sustainable Operations in Hotels, Venues and Food and Beverages – Addresses operational aspects of implementing sustainability programs in hotels, conference centers, attractions and restaurants, with an emphasis on affordable and cost-effective strategies that generate a return on investment and customer satisfaction.

Global Resource Management and Environmental Regulations – Explores how environmental regulations, carbon caps, water use restrictions, municipal waste plans and ordinances, bans on certain chemicals and substances, and similar policies affect hospitality and destination operations, costs and reputations in the U.S. and around the world.

Certifications, Ecolabels, Standards and Awards – Introduces students to the new APEX-ASTM and ISO 20121 standards and explains how to apply them, along with other popular eco-labels and certifications (LEED®, Energy Star©, GreenSeal©, etc.) to position hospitality businesses for the “green” market.

Sustainable Supply Chain Management – Teaches best practices used by Disney, Wal-Mart, Bank of America and others to evaluate, measure and manage hospitality industry suppliers in alignment with sustainability goals.

Research, Analytics, Metrics and Reporting for Sustainability Covers the basic processes for managing sustainability performance, including research, analysis, goal-setting and reporting. Students learn how to use information technology to track outcomes and use public indices such as the Carbon Disclosure Project and Global Reporting Initiative to benchmark progress.

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