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Hospitality Management Program

Hospitality Management Courses

The hospitality management courses at Kendall College are holistic and inter-disciplinary so you can stand out among a sea of candidates and compete for top positions the moment you graduate. During your hospitality career you’ll need to know how to maintain finances, communicate effectively and market your brand.

No matter which concentration you choose you’ll acquire a diverse skillset while earning your degree that will prove invaluable in the real world. Though the courses you will take will vary depending on your degree and concentration, you can look forward to many of these core hospitality classes while at Kendall.

Sophomore Internship Practicum – In your second year at Kendall we’ll place you in the heart of the industry so you hone your skills and acquire in-depth knowledge and experience in a thriving hospitality business. At an approved internship site you’ll gain insight into the values and behaviors that translate into real world success.

The Business and Technology of Sustainability – Sustainability isn’t only necessary for the environment, it’s strategic business. Delve into the commonsense practicality of proper waste management, pollution prevention, energy volatility, water allotment and the impact of emerging technologies on the “green economy.”

Hospitality Marketing – Develop a deep understanding of your target markets through the lens of marketing in the specialized world of hospitality. Students learn how to bolster a healthy bottom line by examining how branding, distribution, products and services and strategic marketing intersect in daily operations. You’ll end the class with focused marketing research.

Corporate Finance and Risk Management -Learn the ability to analyze and evaluate a businesses financial performance and be given risk management tools intended to minimize the financial exposure of an enterprise. A key component to our Asset Management concentration.

Facilities Planning and Management – In one of our upper-level hotel management courses you’ll gain a thorough understanding of the engineering and maintenance costs of your operations. Dive into the mechanics of service and production area layout and design, water and waste systems, laundry and kitchen design and equipment and much more.

To view the current academic catalog for the upcoming semester, click here. If you have any questions regarding our hospitality management courses simply email

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Chicago Michelin Guide Restaurants rank Kendall College the No. 1 Chicago program for preparing students for hospitality careers.

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Hospitality Faculty Hospitality Faculty

Our faculty brings deep industry expertise and integrates the latest industry developments into classroom instruction.

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Hospitality Facilities Hospitality Facilities

Our state of the art facilities are “living classrooms”.

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Concentrations Concentrations

Choose an area of focus to help enhance your value to future employers.

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