About Kendall College & Our Chicago Campus
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Explore the Globe

Kendall is part of Laureate International Universities, a network of more than 75 institutions in 29 countries. Students from more than 80 countries have enrolled at Kendall and more than 1,200 students participate in Kendall Culinary Certificate programs at 19 affiliate campuses throughout the world! With these connections, a global perspective is incorporated into the Kendall experience, giving our students a competitive edge in the workforce.


For 80 years, Kendall College has been offering engaging, specialized fields of study with a strong emphasis on immersive learning geared to your academic, personal and professional success.

Whether you choose Kendall’s acclaimed School of Culinary Arts, world-renowned School of Hospitality Management, innovative International School of Business, or well-established School of Education, our programs encourage exploration of your talents, interests and passions. At Kendall College, it’s all about passion and we are committed to the professional development of our students.

From the moment you walk through the front door, you’ll experience the energy that makes our campus so unique. An innovative approach to learning brings real-world experiences right into the classroom, giving you a professional edge. In addition, expert Career Services staff members help you jump start your future with assistance finding in-depth internships and building professional network.

Our campus is located in Chicago, one of the world’s most vibrant hospitality and business centers. The city acts as a living classroom for all of our programs and students gain valuable experience through required internships within the industry.

Kendall students graduate ready for the world. Are you ready to join them?

President's Welcome

Welcome to Kendall College, where students turn their passions into professions.

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Learn about Kendall College’s Focus and Strategic Priorities.

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Meet the College Officers and Board of Directors of Kendall College.

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Celebrating 80 Years of Rich Academic History.

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Laureate Network

At Kendall, the world can be your classroom through the Laureate Network.

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Awards & Recognition

Students, alumni and faculty have helped Kendall College become one of the most respected institutions of higher education in the nation.

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Kendall College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA).

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See our partners and learn how you can become a partner.

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City Living & Learning

Learn about Chicago, one of the world’s most vibrant hospitality and business centers.

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Kendall College Trust

The Kendall College Trust is dedicated to providing financial support for students of need enrolled in career programs.

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Award-winning faculty and successful students and alumni makes for an exciting campus. Check out the latest news from Kendall College.

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On Campus Events

Learn about the latest Campus Events.

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Joining us, you will be a part of an institution with a strong culture that encourages open communication and teamwork.

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Why Kendall College

What Our Students Say

"The coursework as well as the real-world experiences that I gained during my time at Kendall prepared me for the fast paced, thinking on your feet, and sometimes grueling industry we all love."


"I am so glad that I made the decision to go to Kendall College. I really feel that everybody supports me. Even though I am far away from home I feel that I am with family right now because I receive support and help 24/7. I really love this place. Everything that I wanted from a college is at Kendall College."


What Our Students Say
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