Kendall College Mission

Kendall College cultivates students’ passions into rewarding professions through exemplary service and rigorous learning experiences in the classroom, local communities, and the world.

Kendall Focus:

  • Commitment to preparing professionals who contribute to the vibrancy of their communities.
  • Inspiration of students’ creativity, responsible global citizenship, and environmental and social stewardship.
  • Campus-wide dedication to diversity through curriculum and access.
  • Supportive, student-centered environment focused on academic excellence.
  • Comprehensive assessment of institutional effectiveness, student learning, and graduate success.

Strategic Priorities

  • Strategic Priority One: Institutional Growth, Diversity and Recognition
    Kendall College will become a premier provider of quality education focused on experiential learning, attracting a diverse local, national, and global student population.
  • Strategic Priority Two: Academic Excellence
    Kendall College will deliver innovative and academically rich programs that combine experiential learning with appropriate theoretical grounding within a student-centric environment.  Kendall programs will prepare students for their professions and inspire them to act as responsible global citizens, supporting environmental and social stewardship.
  • Strategic Priority Three: Financial Stability
    Kendall College will build and sustain a financially secure institution.
  • Strategic Priority Four: Student Outcomes
    Kendall will place emphasis on measuring and assessing learning outcomes including success upon and following graduation. Kendall will use those measures to continue improving its programs and student learning experiences.
  • Strategic Priority Five: Employee Development
    Kendall College will focus on developing and fostering an inspiring employee experience to support its remaining priorities of financial stability, student learning and institutional growth.