Creative, Collaborative Learning Environment

If you want to go to school where people really know you, Kendall College in Chicago, IL is for you. Enjoy belonging to a community where:

  • Creativity is encouraged—inside and outside the classroom, students are supported in challenging expectation, developing new ideas and exploring new solutions to problems.
  • Teamwork is built into the curriculum—in addition to individual study, programs include group learning and living case study projects. There’s even an Integrative Senior Project that unites students from the business, culinary and hospitality management degree programs in a challenge to solve a real-time business problem, enabling students to develop a range of experiences to take into their careers.
  • Classes are small—with an average of 19 students per class, Kendall’s programs are designed to deliver personal attention and support.
  • Facilities support your learning—Kendall’s beautifully renovated campus features contemporary classrooms, professional-grade kitchens and wireless technology, and is just steps away from the heart of Chicago.