Relevant Coursework Taught by Experienced Faculty

Kendall College programs are built to deliver practical, proven and current material to help graduates enter the field prepared. At Kendall you’ll:

  • Get started fast. Unlike at many other colleges, at Kendall you won’t need to spend several semesters of study until you get into your program of choice. Kendall students have the opportunity to start their core classes in the first term.
  • Learn from professionals. Kendall instructors are experienced and most continue to practice in their fields, so students get the benefit of their expertise and access to contemporary case studies, techniques and integration of current events into the classroom.
  • Gain real experience through required internships. Learning by doing is an essential aspect of all Kendall programs. Students participate in at least one internship or practicum, providing invaluable exposure and opportunity to put classroom-learned knowledge immediately into practice.
  • Learn the way you learn best with flexible programs. Kendall students don’t fit into just one mold of learning, so neither do Kendall degree programs. You can choose to take classes full or part time, and some programs offer fully online, or a combination of online and weekend schedules—so you don’t have to give up your life—or your job—to earn your degree.