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Business Program

Kendall College International School of Business

Whether you’re looking to start your own business, manage a world-class food service operation, lead a team of salespeople or bring big ideas to the boardroom, we can help get you there. Kendall’s curriculum will help you learn to manage these five key areas:

Information: You can’t manage a business without knowing how to manage data. At Kendall, you’ll learn the basics of finance and accounting, as well as how to assess broader economic trends.

People:  A good manager knows how to build teams and motivate them to perform at their best. In classes and beyond, you’ll hone the leadership and conflict resolution skills you need to enhance the performance of peers and organizations.

Products and Services: You will learn how to manage the entire life cycle of a product or service, from identifying a market need, developing an initial idea, refining it through design, to developing a marketing plan.

Strategy: Establishing a mission, setting goals and executing effective plans are key to running a successful business. Through experiential projects such as simulation games and consulting mock clients, Kendall will assist you in making sure your planning and decision making skills are top notch.

Systems: Sound businesses need a solid foundation. At Kendall, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from faculty who live and breathe information technology, supply chain management and operations.

Concentrations such as Culinary Entrepreneurship, International Business, Management, and Small Business Management provide an in-depth focus to your area of interest. At Kendall, a business degree develops  leaders and critical thinkers  prepared to succeed in the world of international business.
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B.A. Business Program

Gain a global perspective and learn the skills you need to lead small business and entrepreneurial organizations.

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Study Abroad

Choose from multiple countries to study abroad and explore in depth courses such as marketing, supply chain management and finance.

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Concentrations allow you to customize your degree with in-depth coursework in business management, entrepreneurship, and global leadership.

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What Our Students Say

"I chose to study at Kendall because it has a good reputation in my country and I have a lot of friends that study in the other Laureate schools, so I already knew about the network."

- Zhanna Dirayova ‘16 , Business

"We have small class sizes at Kendall. This is my favorite part about studying here. You get more teacher student interaction and the teachers help you with whatever academic problems you may have."

- Eshan Rastogi '14 , Business

What Our Students Say
Degrees Degrees

The Kendall College International School of Business teaches practical skills that define successful careers.

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Business Faculty Business Faculty

You will learn from credentialed professionals who also work as successful entrepreneurs and leaders in the business community.

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Concentrations Concentrations

This concentration provides a solid foundation in general management capabilities with coursework such as business innovation, entrepreneurship, and global leadership.

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