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How Cooking for Yourself Can Make You Healthier, Happier


Kendall College Culinary Instructor, Chef Jim DeWan, explains how cooking for ourselves is healthy for our bodies, our minds, and our world.  He give us a simple recipe for roasted vegetables, to get us started.

National Louis University and Laureate Education, Inc. Announce Transfer Agreement of Kendall College’s Programs and Other Assets


CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – January 16, 2018 – National Louis University (NLU), Laureate Education, Inc. (Nasdaq: LAUR) and Kendall College, LLC announced today they have entered into an agreement whereby Kendall College’s current programs and other assets will transfer to NLU.

Chef’s Choice: Grandmother Inspired Love of Kitchen


Kendall Culinary Alum, Marcus Mooney '92, shares one of the dishes he's designed as executive chef for Pete Miller's Steak and Seafood in Naperville. He also talks about his inspiration for cooking and his love for the kitchen.

How to Saute Mushrooms to Crispy, Browned Perfection


Finding the perfect technique to sauté mushrooms could be a bit tricky. Kendall Chef Instructor, Chef DeWan, lists six steps to help you achieve flavorful crispy, browned mushrooms.

Hosting Thanksgiving? How to Accommodate Guests with Food Allergies


Thanksgiving is just a couple days away and you may be thinking about how you're going to accommodate your friends and family with food allergies. Thankfully, Chef Brian Schreiber offers simple ingredient substitutions when faced with this challenge.  

JBF Greens Hosts Their Best Event yet at Prime & Provisions


Kendall Alum, Chef Joe Rizza ‘04, manager of Prime & Provisions’ meat program, treated James Beard Foundation Greens members to an impressive dinner experience. Rizza, a Chicago Native, received his formal culinary training at Kendall College.

Evelyn’s Food Love Uses LISC Small Business Loan to Bring Hip New Restaurant to Washington Park


Kendall Culinary Alum, Evelyn Shelton '09, debuts her cafeteria-style restaurant in Washington Park. Evelyn is able to make a positive change in her community with the help of LISC Small Business Loan.

Young Indian Chefs Creating Their Own Cuisine: US-based Christopher Koetke


Chef and culinary educator, Christopher Koetke, explains how young chefs don’t have to travel far for creative culinary inspiration. He also talks about the young people of India and their increase interest to pursue the profession of a chef.

Hanna Brothers Studio Cafe Adds Breakfast Buffet


Kendall Alum, Matthew Iffland '94, has helped Hanna Brothers Studio Cafe reach success by leading the kitchen as Executive Chef.  This successful Fayetteville cafe, under Iffland's leadership, is now serving a gourmet breakfast buffet.  

‘I Admire the Strength, Range of Vegetarian Cuisine in India’


Vice President of Strategy and International Relations at Kendall College, Christopher Koetke talks about his experience as a culinary educator. He explains the misconceptions Americans have about Indian food as well as the differences between both culinary cultures.

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