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Inside Kendall

Kendall College Alumni Recognized by the James Beard Foundation

Six alumni of Chicago’s Kendall College have been recognized by this year’s James Beard Foundation Awards, widely considered to be the most prestigious honors given in the food industry. Kendall, ranked as Chicago’s number one school for preparing students for... Read More

Hygiene Habits for Kids to Reinforce in the Classroom

When you’re in charge of a classroom of young children you are one of the gatekeepers blocking viruses and infections from spreading during the winter months. Contrary to popular belief, the cold weather doesn’t make illness more prevalent - it... Read More

Types of Chefs: Understanding Chef Titles and Hierarchy

The kitchen at any modern, professional eatery is run with as much efficiency as a military operation. Chef titles are designated under the French Brigade naming system (also known as the brigade de cuisine). If you aim to work in... Read More

How a Restaurant can “Rise” to the Occasion

Evelyn Shelton_Cul '09_rszd295By: Evelyn Shelton, chef/owner of Evelyn’s Food Love in Chicago, IL and Kendall College alumnus ‘09 I have lost track of the number of times people have called me crazy for... Read More

7 Career Opportunities to Be Aware of If You’re a Hotel Management Student

Career Opportunities for Hotel Mgmt StudentEarning your degree in hospitality management makes you a prime candidate for several positions within the realm of events, conferences, hotel and resort management, business development,... Read More

Our Top 5 Food Trends of 2017

Top 5 Food TrendsThe one constant in the food and restaurant business is change. While staples like pizza and burgers are always in ample supply many food trends of 2017 started... Read More

Where in the World is Deb Popely – Part IV


What’s it Like to Be a Visiting Professor?

There comes a time in every visiting professor’s life when the visit must end. In my case, the end came a little sooner than expected due to an injury. Although my time was... Read More

Kendall’s Evolutions and the Kendall – NLU Transition: An Interview with Nick Tucker, ‘71


Nick TuckerNick Tucker, Associate in Liberal Arts ‘71, is a career coach who is helping the next generation of graduates prepare for their careers. In a recent interview, Nick shared... Read More

6 Habits of Successful Event Planners

Event management and event planning are professions that require a hyper-specific skill set, tons of patience, and an organized mind that can juggle many details. If you’ve considered entering into the field of event planning you may wonder - how do... Read More

The Cycle of a Business Idea

With a little bit of support, the necessary resources and a great idea, you can create your very own business. Follow us as we go over each phase a business idea will go through from beginning to end.  although it... Read More
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