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Inside Kendall

Jeffrey Hamelman Teaches Baguette Class

Kendall College was the proud host of The Bread Bakers Guild of America’s 2010 Master Class series, The World’s Fair of Bread, on August 7-8, where author and award-winning baker Jeffrey Hamelman taught a sold-out baguette class.

This year’s classes spotlighted international breads, and the baguette is traditionally associated with France. “Baguettes Six Ways” was an intensive demonstration and hands-on class aimed at beginning and intermediate bakers. Students had the opportunity to compare a variety of baguette formulas and techniques, including pousse lente, intensive mix, and poolish-based baguettes, and practiced shaping and scoring the loaves.

Jeffrey Hamelman is a Certified Master Baker, the highest rank available to American bakers, and the author of the highly acclaimed Bread: A Baker’s Book of Techniques and Recipes. He was a member of Bread Bakers Guild Team USA 1996, coached the 2008 team, and received The Guild’s Golden Baguette Award (now the Raymond Calvel Award), which recognizes individuals who have contributed significantly to the advancement of artisan baking. An employee-owner at King Arthur Flour, Hamelman directs the production bakery and teaches professional level classes in the King Arthur Baking Education Center.

The Bread Bakers Guild of America is a non-profit organization comprised of professional bakers, farmers, millers, suppliers, educators, students, home bakers, technical experts  and bakery owners and managers who work together to support the principle and the practice of producing the highest quality baked goods. It was formed in 1993 to shape the skills and knowledge of the artisan baking community through education.

For the full World’s Fair of Bread class schedule, visit

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