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Inside Kendall

Business Class Uses Project Management Skills to Help Make a Difference

Valentine’s Day was truly heartwarming for many Kendall College School of Business students who utilized their project management skills to help make a difference. Professor McIntyre challenged her BUS 250 Project Management class with the task of planning a fundraiser for a beneficiary of their choice. The objective was to include a Valentine’s Day theme and raise a minimum of $100.

The students decided to hold a bake sale on campus and name it “Hearts for HOPE,” selecting Kendall HOPE as the beneficiary for the event. Kendall  HOPE is a student group on campus whose mission is to partner with existing non-profit organizations in Chicago to provide an outlet to youth surrounded by crime, drugs, and/or violence by instilling the mindset of excellence and success through mentoring and tutoring.

Student teams were formed for communications, venue, refreshments and activities. Project managers were elected. Students used a variety of project management skills including brainstorming, building consensus, documenting ideas, budgeting, scheduling and promoting teamwork. Volunteers were enlisted to bake goods,  decorate,  prepare marketing materials and signage. Duties were delegated for money collection, staffing, raffle management and solicitation. The “Hearts for HOPE” plan took shape.

Valentine’s Day arrived and the “Hearts for HOPE” bake sale took place. Although the class experienced some bumps along the way, their quick thinking and preparedness kept them on task. They exceeded their goal, raising a total of $259 for Kendall HOPE. On February 23, the business students jointly with Kendall HOPE presented the check to a sister organization, Kendall LADIES (Ladies Aspiring with Determination towards Independence Excellence and Success). LADIES works with underprivileged young women in the community who have experienced abuse or addiction.

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