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Inside Kendall

5 Reasons to Visit The Dining Room at Kendall College


1. Front Row

Diners are treated to a front-row seat for two amazing sights: First, the Chicago skyline beams into the room through huge windows. Second, a glass wall in the Dining Room and a flat-screen television in the bar area... Read More

Catching up with Presidential Scholarship Winner Julietta Wright

Julietta Wright2.jpgOne year ago, Kendall College student Julietta Wright walked the campus of one of the nation’s largest and oldest schools, the University of Michigan, with her sights set on a... Read More

“How I Would Change the World through Food”

This piece was first published in Cafe Meeting Place.

On its 80th anniversary, Kendall College’s president envisions a future in which everyone worldwide with a passion for food may pursue their dreams to cook professionally.

By Emily Williams Knight Kendall College’s... Read More

Kendall College goes to Italy: The Final Chapter

This post is authored by Kendall College student Kim Haines We awoke today, excited to explore the ancient city of Rome. This is what a lot of us had been waiting for. We went straight to the Colosseum, where a guided tour,... Read More

Blog Day 8 and 9: Firenze

This blog post was authored by Kendall College student Kim Haines Last night we roamed around the city of Firenze (Florence). We crossed the river, into the center of the town where the city comes alive at night. Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Ferragamo,... Read More

Kendall College goes to Italy: Episode 1

Well, we arrived in Rome a little less American than we had started. Our feet are swollen and eyes are sunken, but nothing a plethora amount of pizza and wine can’t fix. We didn’t lose anybody, so that’s good. Customs... Read More

Kendall College Hospitality Alumni Tour

Kendall College has countless alumni that work in the hospitality industry in Chicago. This summer, the Alumni Relations office toured Chicago making five stops along the way to visit our alumni at work and see how their experiences at Kendall... Read More

Kendall Hospitality Student Moving onto Harvard

Manthan-150x150From the Windy City to one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Kendall College hospitality student and soon-to-be graduate Manthan Trivedi will soon be taking his studies to one of... Read More

Join us for the Kendall Tea Competition Dinner

This one is for the tea lovers out there! You won’t want to miss this special event on campus on Friday, August 22nd. Join us for TEA: A Culinary Adventure, 6:00 p.m. at Kendall College. You’ll sample the winning menus... Read More

Catching up with Hospitality Management alum Melissa Baca Parra

Melissa-Baca-150x150Melissa Baca Parra, Hospitality Management alum in 2011, recently “received” Mr. Paul Van Deventer (President  & CEO of Meeting Professionals International) for the 8th edition of the MPI Mexico Chapter Convention this... Read More
Kendall College
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