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Inside Kendall

English Language Institute at Kendall College

Internationality certainly is springing forward at Kendall College. We have a newly redesigned lobby that welcomes our international students and raises our awareness of all things global. We have also launched the English Language Institute, also known as the ELI. This new academic opportunity allows international students to come to Kendall College to improve their English language skills while enjoying the enriching environment Chicago provides. Students come to us from different points on the globe to participate in a number of academic venues where they are immersed in the target language, English.

As the chief architect of the academic programs, I can share that the two prevalent models, one for four weeks, and the other for eight weeks of English instruction, are designed place the participants in the appropriate level for instruction. When students arrive for the shorter Discover America program, they are ushered to a Monday to Thursday three-hour morning session followed by lunch prepared by our talented culinary students in the Cafe or the QSR. The afternoon is spent getting to know our beautiful city. We visit such fascinating spots as the Willis Tower, The Art Institute, Adler Planetarium, and Millennium Park. The longer program allows students to develop their skills in the intensive Reading and Writing class offered in the mornings and the Listening and Speaking classes offered in the afternoons Mondays to Thursdays. In addition, students who place at a pre-determined level upon entering may enter Kendall College as provisional students to pursue their studies with us in their chosen career paths.

At this point, we have received eleven students from Brazil in the summer of 2013. Lorena Freitas, one of the participants from the short program, returned as a regular, full-time as is currently following her academic career in the School of Hospitality. Winter 2014 welcomed 28 students from Chile, Peru and Brazil. The imminent spring quarter we will host 25 students from Turkey, China, Vietnam, Korea, and Guatemala; seven of whom will be joining us as provisional students.

The courses are delivered by highly qualified and experienced instructors: Erin Shelly, M. S., is the Director of our Academic Success Center (ASC).  She brings years of ESL teaching experience to the ELI teaching team and will be co-teaching with Kathy Schodrof Luebke, M.Ed.,  from our Academic Advising team. Kathy will be joining our teaching team this spring. Glenn Danielson is new to Kendall and most recently has been teaching English in Korea at the Duksung Women’s University International Learning Language Center in Seoul. As the veteran instructor, I will guide my fellow teachers in preparing and delivering the coursework to the international students.

As you meet our new, global on campus, I encourage you to reach out to our international visitors. Please extend a warm welcome and allow them the opportunity to practice their English with you. Ask them about their country and background. Who knows, you may have the opportunity to visit their home country as you prepare for your internships and launch your own careers.

Maria A. Montalvo, Ph.D. (middle, below) is the author of this blog. She is the recipient of the Laureate 2014 GPS award for Collaboration. Dr. Montalvo is a leader in second language education and has been recognized as such by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

Maria Montalvo award

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