“Everything You Ever Wanted to Learn from an Entrepreneur But Were Afraid to Ask” Podcast

The Kendall College School of Business presents: Everything You Ever Wanted to Learn from an Entrepreneur But Were Afraid to Ask

Panel took place at Kendall College on Saturday, August 28. Listen to podcast below.

Starting your own business can be exciting, yet overwhelming. Where do you begin? Find out from our experienced panel of entrepreneurs who sit on the School of Business Junior and Senior Advisory Boards, including:

  • Matt Maday, Founder, On-Call Interactive
  • Kyle McHugh, Owner, Drinks Over Dearborn
  • Anzour Jallouqa, Chairman & CEO, Innovative Global Marketing Group, LLC.
  • Una Pipic, Director of Venture Development, Chicago Entrepreneurial Center
  • Tommy Fitzgibbon, Managing Principal, Bankers Source, Inc.

The panel discussion will cover topics including:

  • What are the more stable industries to go into if you want to start your own business?
  • How much capital do you need to start a business?
  • How do you know when it’s time to begin scaling up/hiring an employee?
  • What considerations should be made when determining pricing for a service business?
  • Is a business plan ALWAYS needed?
  • How do you beat the horrible small business fatality rate?
  • What are the biggest blinders to those seeking to start a new business?
  • Plus questions from the audience.
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