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Inside Kendall

Get to know the Faculty: School of Business

School of Business instructor Nicole Armstrong loves “the diversity and culture” of Kendall College. Previously the Director of Human Resources for a company and the CEO/Owner of a consulting firm, she is well positioned to do what she loves: teach students to apply what they are learning in their business classes to real-world business situations.

“I love meeting students and sharing career-related stories,” shares Armstrong. “One of the most surprising things about teaching is how I learn just as much as the students while we research and discuss real-world examples in my class (and in the halls!)”

When she’s not at Kendall, Armstrong enjoys event planning, traveling, acting on stage and exploring Chicago.

“In Chicago, there are so many different things to do. Numerous places to go, various options for entertainment. It’s a wonderful place to live, especially in the summer.” Armstrong shares. “My favorite season is definitely summer, summer and summer. Did I mention summer?” She also appreciates Cuban food and trying new restaurants, all while sipping on her favorite beverage, red wine Sangria.

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