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Inside Kendall

From Inspiration to Adventure: Abroad in Australia

“I chose to go into the hospitality industry at age 10 when I went on a family cruise to Mexico. This is when I learned what the hospitality and tourism industry was all about,” Hospitality Management student, Sharon Harms, said of her introduction to the industry. Sharon, who is a recent American Hotel and Lodging Educational Foundsharon-harmsation scholarship winner, has taken her studies to Australia via Kendall’s study abroad program. Here, she shares her experiences at Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School.

Before she even began at Kendall, Sharon knew she wanted to study abroad in Australia. The ability to experience the Hospitality industry both in the US and abroad was an opportunity she was excited to experience. She says, “The ability to travel to different countries while staying with the same school was one of the deciding factors of going to Kendall. There are many opportunities to experience new cultures and see new things while staying in a mountain setting, compared to growing up in the city.”

“The school here is run like a hotel. Each week the rooms are serviced by other students and students must check in and out of their rooms,” Harms said. “My day-to-day experiences involve interacting with people from all over the world, practical training that is preparing me for the working industry and exploring the nature around the surrounding area. The experience here in Australia is very different to the experiences at Kendall.”

After broadening her horizons through her experiences on this trip, she gives her piece of advice to other students considering studying abroad, “Be open minded! Even if the adventure does not sound the most fun at first, do it!”

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