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Inside Kendall

Introducing the John A Miller Academic Success Center

On July 1, 2009, Kendall dedicated its Academic Success Center (ASC) to John A. Miller in honor of his contribution and devotion to Kendall College and Laureate Education, Inc. The ASC, located on the sixth floor, serves as a student resource area for studying, testing and tutoring. Mr. Miller is President and CEO of North American Corporation, a Glenview, IL-based, privately held company founded in 1919 that specializes in industrial paper, packaging, printing and custom fulfillment. Miller also serves on the Board of Directors for Laureate Education, Inc. Among the VIPs who attended the ribbon cutting event and said a few words to honor Mr. Miller were Douglas L. Becker, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Laureate Education, Inc., and Dr. Nivine Megahed, President of Kendall College.

“From a young age, I realized that people can lose their job or fortune, but you can never lose your education,” Miller said. “Education is something that is extremely important to me so I’m thrilled to be a part of the Laureate Education, Inc. and Kendall College family.”

Click here for more information about the John A. Miller Academic Success Center.

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