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Inside Kendall

Kendall College goes to Italy: Episode 1

Well, we arrived in Rome a little less American than we had started. Our feet are swollen and eyes are sunken, but nothing a plethora amount of pizza and wine can’t fix. We didn’t lose anybody, so that’s good. Customs was interesting as we spent half the day waiting in a line that never formed, but I guess that is Italy for you; slow-paced and care-free.


We got on a bus to go to Perugia, which I have to tell you is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. The three hour bus tour allowed most of us to sleep, except for Chef Altieri and a few of us, who could hardly contain ourselves with the abundance of sunflower fields, the city of Narni (which part of The Chronicles of Narnia were filmed) and the breathtaking hills. We can sleep when we are dead.


Upon arriving to Perugia, we were given a small tour of an Etruscan town. The Etruscan is an ancient civilization established in Western Umbria in areas corresponding to Tuscany. We explored the underground city of Perugia, which has since then been abandoned and abolished.











After the tour of the city centre, we were greeted by a welcoming dinner supplied with all the pizza you could ever want. Just when we thought the dinner was over, we realized we were only half way through it as 10 more pizzas and “freedom” fries were presented.


We are starting to get to know each other quite well as I see this trip not only being an educational one but a bonding one as well. Chin Chin!



Wish you were here!


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