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Inside Kendall

Kendall College Hosts First-Ever International Foodservice Sustainability Symposium

Kendall College will sponsor and host the first-ever International Foodservice Sustainability Symposium (IFSS) May 24-25, 2011 in Chicago, immediately following NRA Show 2011. The event, which was developed as part of Kendall’s commitment to sustainability, will feature some of the most respected experts in their fields, both from the United States and abroad. Joining Kendall as a co-founding sponsor is National Restaurant Association: Solutions for Sustainability.

Kendall is proud to be one of the industry leaders in making sustainability mainstream. Starting his own sustainability journey in 2005, Christopher Koetke, executive director of the School of Culinary Arts, has been traveling the country for the last few years sharing information and encouraging both operators and educators to incorporate sustainability as a cornerstone of their operations and a fundamental part of their curricula.

Starting with quick and easy tips that could be implemented that cost little and often saved money, the industry embraced sustainability because it made good business sense. Now that they have progressed in their journey, many are ready to explore more complex sustainability issues such as emerging technologies, green building and perhaps the most highly nuanced subject of all – sustainable food. That’s just what the IFSS plans to help them do.

The IFSS begins at 3:00 pm at Kendall College on May 24, immediately after the close of NRA Show 2011, and it will conclude late the next afternoon on May 25. For more information go to

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