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Inside Kendall

Kendall partners with Michelin in their unveiling of the Chicago Michelin Guide 2011

As Chicago residents, we all know this city is full of notable restaurants and hotels with incredibly talented chefs. The world has taken note, and on July 13, Michelin announced the unveiling of the Chicago Michelin Guide 2011, set to arrive in stores this fall, and Kendall College was there for the unveiling. The Michelin Guide is the internationally recognized standard of culinary and hospitality success, and Chicago is the first Midwest city to receive Michelin ratings.

Jean-Luc Naret, worldwide director of the Michelin Guide, commented, “We are eagerly anticipating the MICHELIN guide’s entry into this wonderful city known for its cuisine, culture, beauty and innovative spirit.”

Guests at Tuesday’s invite-only launch party included Mayor Daley and other city officials as well as 100 other restaurateurs and chefs from highly acclaimed restaurants, including Alinea, Blackbird, L20, Charlie Trotters and Avenues. Kendall attendees included Karen Gersten, Interim President and Provost; Christopher Koetke, Dean of the School of Culinary Arts; Jeffrey Catrett, Dean of the School of Hospitality Management; and various other members of the Kendall faculty and staff.

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