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Kendall College and WÜSTHOF Collaborate to Bring High-Quality Knives to Culinary Students as Premium Cutlery Company Celebrates 200 Years


Kendall College, the No. 1 school in Chicago in preparing students for careers in culinary arts and hospitality management (TNS Global – 2013 Survey), is proud to collaborate with state-of-the-art premium cutlery company, WÜSTHOF, as it celebrates 200 years. WÜSTHOF, headquartered in Solingen, Germany, has a long and rich heritage crafting the finest precision-forged full-tang cutlery, and as part of this new partnership, will provide all Kendall culinary students with a forged GRAND PRIX II 8-inch Cook’s Knife and several knives from the laser-stamped PRO series in the student knife kit.

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