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Inside Kendall

Meet Our 2015 Scholarship Recipients

It becomes clear very quickly that a deep passion for their current or future professions ties the three 2015 Presidential and Dean’s Scholarships recipients together. Read on to learn how they plan to put their degrees into action after graduation.

Empowering Others Through Baking
Presidential Scholarship Recipient Leah Lehman
A.A.S. Baking and Pastry

Leah Lehman“My dream is to open a bakery with my younger brother, Isaac, who has Down’s syndrome. He has always enjoyed helping me in the kitchen and a bakery would be an amazing employment possibility for him. I would love to be able to enrich his life the way he has mine. I would also like to provide jobs for others with special needs. While making mouth-watering pastries is a dream of mine, I want my bakery to be a place where special needs individuals are given opportunities to shine.

“I began helping my mother in the kitchen at a young age. My fondest memories include baking cookies, decorating gingerbread houses, and making muffins while standing on a chair at the counter next to her. The education I will receive will expand my knowledge in baking exponentially. Through the program at Kendall, I know that my dream of opening a bakery can be fully realized.

“I am also a huge believer in giving back, both to local and global communities. Going on mission trips to Mexico and visiting several Eastern European nations, including Romania, has really shown me how blessed I am to have an opportunity to pursue a higher education. This scholarship would enable me not only to obtain a degree, but also put me in a position where I would be able to bless others by opening a bakery. I know that Kendall will help me become an amazing pastry chef.”

Growing as a Chef and a Future Entrepreneur
Dean’s Scholarship Recipient Nancy Hummel
A.A.S. Culinary Arts

“By age 10, I had all but taken over the kitchen, grocery shopping with my father, planning meals for the week, and cooking dinner for the whole family with limited guidance. There were some meals that flopped, like the time I made chilled tomato soup that no one in my family would eat, but typically I got good feedback. I discovered that my satisfaction didn’t come from eating the dinner so much as whether or not my family was happy with what I made. My desire to be a chef has only continued to blossom.

“Working in local kitchens made me realize how much I wanted to expand my skills as a chef. I will never forget the day I was accepted into Kendall. I can’t wait to join the gardening club, attend classes, and discover lots of new recipes and cooking techniques.

“Kendall’s culinary program appeals to me for several reasons, but most importantly because it will teach me both how to cook and how to run a business. I plan to take full advantage of the business elements of the program because of my goal to someday open my own restaurant. My acceptance into Kendall is only the beginning of an exciting adventure. I feel like I’m truly on the right path to achieving a career in what has been a lifelong passion.”

Polishing Her Skills as an Educator
Dean’s Scholarship Recipient Wanda Martinez
B.A. Early Childhood Education

Wanda Martinez“I have worked in the early childhood field for 12 years .The love and passion I have for children shows in everything I do. I always go above and beyond to make sure that the children have received everything they need. I make it a point to communicate with every parent, so that if needed I change what I am doing to meet the children’s needs.

“I always make sure the children are safe because I know that I am responsible for their health, development, nutrition and education. The best part of my job is knowing that I am making a difference in the growth and nature of small children. I love seeing the delight on children’s faces when they show their parents their artwork and the matching delight on their parents’ faces.

“I want to continue my education in early childhood education so I can gain more knowledge in child development and the milestones that need to be met. The early years of children’s lives are the most important. I believe children deserve the best teaching from compassionate and patient people. There is no other job I would rather have then to be an educator.”

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