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Inside Kendall

Get to know the (new) faculty: School of Hospitality Management

“Adjunct instructors continue to bring the ‘field’ or the ‘real world’ into the classroom.  They interact with students and faculty alike to add a positive vibe to campus,” shares School of Hospitality Management Dean Susan Tinnish. “Adjuncts are a part of our faculty and a great benefit to Kendall students bringing the most current industry knowledge and practices to our students.”

Richard Schell

Richard Schell is joining us to teach the Business and Technology of Sustainability (HOS 235). He is an international consultant on international food, green, agriculture and risk management issues. He is also an experienced presenter, speaker and instructor having presented on the topics of food law and green law in both business and classroom atmospheres. Rich will be bringing this expertise to his classroom to enrich hospitality management students about their understanding of sustainability.

Rich comes to Kendall from his own law practice, Law Offices of Wagner & Schell, L.L.P. This is an international firm with offices in Illinois and Austria which provides international legal services for clients in Asia, Africa, North America, Central America, the Caribbean and Europe.

Melissa Bingham

Melissa Bingham is teaching our Special Events and Event Marketing class (HOS 482). Melissa has major experience in the event planning field, including the role of President/Executive Producer at Bingham Marketing & Events, as well as formerly being the Director of Special Events at the Indianapolis Art Center. She is a member of industry associations such as the Green Meetings Industry Council, Meeting Planners International, and the International Special Event Society.

Melissa will be using her extensive experience in the events field to teach our students only what true practice can teach.  She has been enriching the course by supplementing lectures with external speakers from the active event planning community.


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