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Inside Kendall

Veterans Education Benefits: Which Program is Right for You?

USA military educationThe United States government understands the importance of obtaining a college degree. Several veterans education benefits programs exist to support servicemembers who choose to return to college and earn their degree.... Read More

LinkedIn for College Students: A Beginner’s Guide

Student in LibraryIt’s never too early to start thinking about your next steps – you may be a college student now, but in a few short years you’ll be launched into... Read More

Networking 101 for College Students

At KeStudents in Classroomndall College we prepare students to be ready for the world, and as part of that preparation we train students to begin setting goals and making moves from day... Read More

Thanksgiving Activities to Entertain Your Preschoolers

While Halloween and Christmas come with prepackaged activities and themed games to make fun classroom memories, holidays like Thanksgiving can be trickier. After your students learn the basic history of the holiday, how can you keep them engaged in the... Read More

8 Tips to Beat the Holiday Bloat

By Monique Costello, TASTE Culinary Instructor at Kendall College Monique Costello, TASTE Culinary Instructor at Kendall College Holiday bulge… hype or reality? It’s been written over and over again that the average... Read More

Business Alumna Embraces Change on her Career Journey

Eugenia Tibamanya left her native Uganda to attend Kendall College. After graduating from Kendall in 2012 with a B.A. in Business, she found good work opportunities and Kendall College Business Alum, Eugenia TibamanyaRead More

Teacher Tips: Fun Veterans Day Facts for Pre-K Students

Some holidays get all the attention. Most kids will jump into a Christmas or Halloween activity with unbridled enthusiasm, but getting them to engage with other holidays may prove challenging. Veterans Day is just around the corner, and as we honor... Read More

Hospitality Alums Open Innovative Hostel in Antigua

Love, marriage, international adventure and entrepreneurial success. That’s what a little luck and plenty of hard work brought to two Kendall alumni who met in the Hospitality Management program. Kendall College Alums Christopher Obrist &... <a href=Read More

Military Discipline in the Kitchen: Veteran Tony Rogowski

Military experience is valuable preparation for many careers. But for a career in fine dining? At first glance, the mess hall seems antithetical to the banquet hall. Yet for Kendall alum Tony Rogowski (B.A. Culinary Arts, '17), a solid training... Read More

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Indian Spices

The complex and fragrant dishes Indian cuisine is known for can be quite intimidating,Indian Spices - Easy Indian Recipes even for accomplished chefs. If you’re ready to try your hand at some... Read More
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