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Inside Kendall

The Heart of Our Business Incubator

By Kim Shambrook, Kendall’s Interim President

When I was starting out as an entrepreneur, I took a Marsha Brady approach. In one episode of “The Brady Bunch,” she wanted to belong, so she joined every school club. As the owner of a catering company, I joined every food and business organization I could find.28768602113_e314595009_k

And it worked—I was able to connect with likeminded people to learn how they found resources and answer every question I faced, whether it was about how to market my services, if I needed to hire a public relations firm or how to construct a contract.

That’s why I’m so excited that the Business Incubator at Kendall removes this time-consuming step almost completely. We’ve dedicated a collaborative work space on campus—full of white boards, projection screens that can be cast via phone, lockers, lounge chairs, and more—to encourage collaboration among the students in this program, bring in our partners to answer theiincubatorr questions and give people a gathering place where they can ask questions and offer honest feedback.

Discussions like these are crucial. They can validate or discredit your ideas. As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get very close (too close) to an idea without asking for feedback or doing market research. That’s why I’m so excited about this physical space. It’s like the center of a hive, with bees buzzing in and out, interacting and problem solving. I know it will be a great resource not only for our students, but also for the community—and I’m excited to learn about the ideas that are percolating.

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