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Inside Kendall

Advice to Resolve Your Business Challenges

Every small business owner has an array of challenges. Let’s face facts: Sometimes it’s easiest to overlook the most obvious problems by staying busy, starting the next task, or relying on your own gumption to keep going until the problem is resolved.

There’s a better way to do it. I promise.

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to focus on the business itself (not perfecting a recipe or revising your menu)—and ensuring it runs well. Our faculty know this well and train our students on it in many of Kendall’s courses. These are a few places to start:

Never be the only expert. You might be able to bake the best cupcake in the world, but if you are the only one who can—and no one else on your team is cross-trained to bake it the same way—you’re not leading your business effectively. If you have a team, invest in them. Train them in each position. Create clearly defined roles. Your employees should be able to step into (and out of) any role in the same way you can. This will lead to regular collaboration, new ideas, and, generally, a happier workplace.

Be very disciplined and focused. Set a strict schedule (and try your very best to stick to it) to meet your goals and measure your time. Scope creep and time creep happen. Pay attention when they do and put new rules in place to protect your time so your output stays consistent.

Never be afraid to ask for help. You can’t know everything. You have to call on other experts. When I owned my catering company, I joined every professional organization I could for the networking opportunities. One event had a roundtable and each person at every table was asked to share one thing they needed in the next 30 days that they hadn’t solved yet. I needed a commercial realtor to help build out our space. Someone at the table referred me to a relator I’m still in touch with today. It was as easy as asking. Ask for what you need—and help those who ask.

What business challenge do you need to focus on?


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