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Inside Kendall

Five Attributes Needed to Succeed in the School of Education

By Karen White

School of Education student Karen White is pursuing her passion for early childhood education at Kendall College. Based on her experience and observation, she shares her advice for fellow students on the top 5 qualities needed to succeed in the program.

  1. Passion is why educators want to work with children. Passion is how we get up each day ready to make a difference in the lives of young individuals. Maintaining your passion for early childhood education will lead you to graduation.
  2. Perseverance will help push you past all challenges and obstacles. Perseverance will help you to succeed and master the art of APA (American Psychology Association) guidelines, which will build the foundation for every paper you write in Early Childhood classes.
  3. Creativity and flexibility will be your salvation when planning and implementing lesson plans. These assignments may test your perseverance but also cultivate your passion and spark creativity if you maintain flexibility.
  4. Serenity. Never stress, you are not alone! There is help available through tech support and professors. Classmates will share and patience in the process will be a virtue. Utilize your passion, perseverance, creativity and flexibility to build serenity.
  5. Dedication and organization will provide clarity and help you to meet all deadlines. Never procrastinate or you may be late with assignments. Flexibility may be needed when creativity is limited due to lack of time or stress. Remember, when perseverance is lacking it will be your passion for a career in early childhood education that will lead you to graduation.


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