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Inside Kendall

Kendall College Helps Tornado Victims Celebrate Thanksgiving

Members of the Kendall College community traveled to Washington, Ill., to support the victims of the recent devastating tornados.

“Kendall is filled with individuals committed to service, and these individuals consistently demonstrate what it means to give back,” said President Emily Williams Knight. “Our students and faculty want to show that others across the state are committed to helping our fellow Illinoisans through this difficult time.”

Jenny Raup, Chef Elaine Sikorski, Chef Thomas Meyer, Chef Heidi and two students, Kora Bestold and Tony Hostettler packed their cars with a Thanksgiving feast to distribute to those in need. Upon arrival, they used funds collected at Kendall College to purchase much-needed toiletries for local residents.

“It was a moving experience and everyone was grateful,” shared Chef Meyer. “We made three stops in Coal City, Washington donation center, and Washington High School. I was able to get see the devastation area on my own. Seeing the area hit hardest put things into perspective. We’re so proud of our students and staff for organizing this trip.”

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