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Great Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season In Chicago

Holiday Season in ChicagoThe winter holidays are about more than a break from school: this is the most charitable time of the year, when the spirit of giving moves families and friends to spend some time helping out those in need and giving back to the community.

Through Kendall Cares we partner with multiple organizations throughout the year to help make our community a happier, healthier, and safer place to live. A few weeks ago, we partnered with United Way of Metro Chicago to raise money in an effort to better the health, education, and financial stability of families in our region. With a variety of fun raffles, activities, and day-long themes we were able to get staff and students involved for a charitable cause.

Maybe you missed our campaign with United Way, or maybe you’re simply looking for more ways to give back over the holidays. Here are some of the best ways to help out, whether serving a hot meal or spreading some old-fashioned holiday cheer in Chicagoland:

Coat Drives

Staying warm is paramount during the cold winter months, but many children, parents, and seniors go without proper coats each year. Many charities, churches, schools, and youth organizations host coat drives during the winter to provide sufficient warmth to those in need during the holidays. Can’t find a coat drive in your area? Consider starting a coat drive at work or in class and donating all the coats you collect!

Gift Drives

For many families, gifts play an important role over the winter holidays. However, many families are not able to afford traditional toys, clothes, and gifts on their own. Hosting a toy and clothing drive is a terrific way to help out families who need some holiday magic this winter. Create a system for those donating gifts to disclose what is inside their gifts. You can even ask for specific wish lists from families so children receive the right size clothes and the exact toy they want.

Food Drives

Ending hunger is a worthy cause as any: nobody wants to imagine a family without a meal to eat this holiday season. Chicagoland offers a variety of food drives across the city to provide meals for underprivileged children, veterans, the homeless, and families in need. You could donate your time to a local soup kitchen, or join an active food drive. Large drives always need volunteers to assemble food boxes, distribute meals, and more.

There are countless charitable organizations that could use your help this season. Head to VolunteerMatch to browse over 1,000 volunteer opportunities within 20 miles of downtown Chicago. You can browse opportunities by area, including community outreach organizations, animal rights organizations, and relief foundations.

Kendall College students, faculty, staff and supporters can learn more about our efforts to help support our community by visiting our Facebook page. We look forward to engaging with you this holiday season and in 2018!

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